How to Mount Scope on AR-15 with Front Sight: Expert Advice

Mount Scope on Ar-15 with Front Sight

Are you looking to mount scope on AR-15, even with a front sight? Fear not; it may seem daunting, but with the right knowledge and tools, you can do it with precision and success. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of mounting a scope on your AR-15, ensuring that you achieve unparalleled accuracy in your shots.

Unveiling the Basics of AR-15 Rifles

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of scope mounting, let’s first explore the fundamentals of AR-15 rifles. The AR-15 is renowned for its versatility and is a favored firearm, cherished for its accuracy and customization options. Whether you are an avid hunter, a precision target shooter, or concerned about self-defense, the addition of a scope can significantly elevate your shooting experience.

The Significance of Proper Scope Mounting

How to Mount a Scope

The precision of your rifle is directly influenced by the way you mount your scope. A securely mounted scope ensures consistent and accurate shots, maintaining your target in focus. When you have a front sight on your AR-15, it becomes crucial to follow the correct procedure to ensure the scope seamlessly integrates with your sight picture.

Selecting the Optimal Scope for Your AR-15

Choosing the right scope is the pivotal first step toward success. You must consider factors such as magnification, reticle type, and objective lens size to align with your shooting preferences. A scope with variable magnification is a top choice for AR-15 enthusiasts, as it allows adaptability to various shooting scenarios.

Essential Tools and Materials for the Job

As you prepare for a day at the range and embark on your scope mounting journey, it’s vital to ensure you have all the necessary tools at your disposal. To guarantee a seamless scope mounting process, gather your trusty torque wrench, hex bit tool, rubbing alcohol, and an ample supply of cleaning patches. These are the indispensable elements that will make your scope mounting journey a breeze.

Should your scope not come with a mount, fret not; you’ll need to acquire a separate scope mount. It’s a pivotal piece of the puzzle for a stable setup.

Precision is the watchword for scope accuracy, and a bubble level is your secret weapon in this endeavor. It ensures your scope is perfectly leveled, guaranteeing spot-on shots downrange. Armed with these tools and a systematic approach, you can be confident that your scope will be mounted flawlessly, paving the way for pinpoint accuracy during your shooting sessions.

Choosing Between Absolute and 1/3 Co-Witness

Absolute and 13 Co-Witness

As you stand at the crossroads, deciding between absolute and 1/3 co-witness for your AR-15 red dot optic, it’s crucial to comprehend how this choice affects your aiming and sight picture.

Absolute co-witness offers seamless alignment, with your front and rear iron sights aligning perfectly with the red dot when flipped up. It creates a crystal-clear sight picture and is an excellent choice for those who value precise alignment.

Conversely, the 1/3 co-witness option situates the red dot and mil-dot in the lower 1/3 of your field of view, alongside the front and rear sights. This configuration provides additional versatility, albeit with a slightly different perspective.

Ultimately, the choice between absolute and 1/3 co-witness comes down to personal preference, allowing you to tailor your AR-15 to your unique shooting style. It’s a decision that empowers you to make the call that best suits your needs.

Ensure Firearm Safety

unload ar15

Safety is paramount and should never be compromised. Before commencing any work on your AR-15 rifle, it is imperative to ensure its safety. This entails verifying that the firearm is completely unloaded, a step that cannot be overlooked.

Safeguarding against the potential danger of an AR-15 bullet is of utmost importance. The first step is to remove the magazine and confirm the chamber is empty. This is a simple yet critical step in ensuring your safety.

A deep respect for the potential power of an AR-15 bullet is necessary. There is no room for complacency in handling these firearms. With safety awareness firmly in place, it’s time to examine your rifle. It should be clean and free of visible dirt or excess oil. Here, your trusty rubbing alcohol and cleaning patches come into play, ensuring your AR-15 is in impeccable condition. Safety, cleanliness, and meticulous attention to detail are the keys to a safe and successful mounting process.

Secure the Rifle in a Vice

As you approach the scope installation phase, stability is non-negotiable. Secure your rifle in a dependable gun vise, providing a rock-solid foundation for the task at hand.

The use of a vice or rest transcends convenience; it directly impacts accuracy. To achieve precision in your shooting, you must ensure your rifle maintains its mark even after the scope is mounted. There is no room for guesswork in this process.

A pro tip worth noting: not only should you rest your rifle, but you should also use a bubble level to guarantee its perfect horizontal and vertical alignment. This level of precision is imperative in maintaining your rifle’s accuracy during the scope installation. With a stable platform, precision testing, and a reliable bubble level, you can confidently proceed with the scope installation and anticipate accurate results.

Mount the Scope onto the Rifle

How to Mount a Scope- review

The moment has come to advance in the scope installation journey. With your rifle securely anchored, it’s time to mount your scope with finesse.

Start by positioning the scope mount on the upper receiver, ensuring it doesn’t make contact with the free-floating rail. This precaution is taken to avoid unnecessary stress on the scope tube, ensuring a robust and stress-free setup.

Now, the torque wrench comes into play, providing the essential precision for tightening the scope mount to the recommended torque level. The goal is to achieve the perfect balance – snug enough for stability without over-tightening.

The torque wrench’s precision is invaluable, ensuring that the mount remains steadfast and your scope is securely in place. With proper placement, secure attachment, and controlled tightening, your scope mount is ready to perform. The time has come to transition to mounting the scope itself, and the prospects of hitting those bullseyes are closer than ever.

Position the Scope on the Scope Mount

how to adjust gun scope

With the rifle secure and the scope mount in place, it’s time to mount the scope expertly.

Begin by ensuring the scope rings rest on a flat surface of the scope mount. Proper positioning is critical, and maintaining a level alignment is paramount.

Next, use the upper rings to secure the scope in place, but avoid tightening them completely at this stage. The focus is on making adjustments and fine-tuning the alignment.

The alignment of the scope rings is another critical element. They must be impeccably aligned, with consistent gap levels, allowing for adjustments to the optic’s position.

However, the most crucial step is finding the optimal eye relief. This entails identifying the most comfortable position that suits your shooting needs perfectly. Only after dialing in this eye relief should the scope rings be finally tightened. With this step completed, your scope is securely in place, poised to deliver precision shots. It’s time to become a sharpshooter!

Ensure the Scope is Perfectly Level

rifle scope work

Achieving a level scope is the cornerstone of precision shooting. Here’s how to ensure it’s spot-on.

Begin by pre-leveling your firearm, and then focus on the scope. Employ a bubble level, placing it atop the scope to ensure that the optics are impeccably aligned. This level of precision is essential for a flawless shot.

Next, align the reticle – the crosshair should be perfectly horizontal and vertical, serving as a reliable guide for your bullets, ensuring they land precisely where you intend.

To ensure absolute accuracy, employ a vertical reference point, such as a door jamb, to fine-tune the alignment. These final touches guarantee that every detail is perfectly calibrated.

However, for complete certainty, take your rifle to the range and conduct a precision test. A series of test shots will confirm whether the alignment is flawless. This step is pivotal in ensuring that when you pull the trigger, your shots will hit the mark exactly as intended. This is the essence of precision shooting.

In Conclusion

Mounting a scope on an AR-15 with a front sight is a rewarding and empowering process. With the right scope selection and precise mounting techniques, you can achieve the utmost accuracy and precision in your shots. This knowledge will undoubtedly elevate your shooting experience to new heights.

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